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A major concern about glaucoma is that many patients do not begin treatment after diagnosis or fail to follow through. A Johns Hopkins University study showed that only 56% of patients came for treatment after they were identified as strong glaucoma suspects at community screenings that offered free transportation and treatment. The study’s authors attribute the failure of patients to follow up to psychological denial and basic misunderstanding of the disease.

Similarly, in a Stanford University study by Kuldev Singh, MD, of patients in a large insurance drug benefit plan, 25% to 40% of patients who turned in their first glaucoma medicine prescription at a pharmacy did not pick up the medication. Of those who did pick it up, only 20% to 40% continued taking their medication for 1 year, depending on the medication prescribed.

Talk to your doctor or seek the help of a support group if you are not taking your medication regularly. (Photo courtesy of National Eye Institute)

If a patient stops taking medication or takes it intermittently, he or she will endanger his or her vision. If you are not following your drug regimen, you should talk to your physician or seek the assistance of a glaucoma patient support group, which can be located through community health centers or your physician.

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