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Immediately after surgery, the eye is usually red and irritated and it may tear or water more than usual. Regular checkups by your ophthalmologist are required. Although many people can return to most of their normal activities, physicians usually advise against heavy lifting, straining, and bending, for a couple of weeks.

Changes in Vision: For a month or two after surgery, patients may experience some blurriness. However, most patients can expect their vision to return to what it was before the surgical procedure.

Some patients, depending on the type of medication they were taking, may experience an improvement in vision. On rare occasions, other patients may have a loss of vision because of low pressures in their eye. In either case, glasses or contact lens prescriptions may need to be changed. Gas-permeable and soft contact lenses occasionally may be used. For those whose surgery involves formation of a bleb, care must be taken to prevent infection and the use of contact lenses may not be recommended.

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